Biofield Recoding

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This session is for anyone who has a serious foundation of doing THE WORK. Shattering ego deaths, long dark nights of the soul, experience with mentors, Shamans, Plant Medicine journeys or intense shadow work. This session is not recommended for you if you have not experienced any of the above. You must complete BOTH the Winter Webinar & the Spring Webinar to prep your field before you Bio-Recoding session.

This two-part session is for those who are ready to unplug from the Matrix.  You will have one 90 minute session in which Freedom clears her schedule just for you that day and does not see any other clients. Then you will have a follow up 45min Integration session 21 days later to support your emotional, mental or physical purges as well as to check your field and make sure that it is assimilating properly.

The famous Bio-field Recoding Session (formally known as the Soul Realignment) is for advanced souls who would like support to activate their organic Avatar & Biofield. If you have a Walk-in this procedure will support your soul braid. Freedom uses a combination of quantum fieldwork & psychic "surgery" to make head to toe bio body, light body and field adjustments. She will unplug your consciousness from the AI timeline. She will do a thorough scan of your Light body, Physical body, Akashic records and morphogenetic field to make adjustments, perform removals, integrate soul fragments, clear core wounds from past lives, clear curses, spells and AI devices or implants, remove entities and false ascension guides, and activate & upgrade systems. This is very deep, intense work and requires that you come to the space in full vulnerability.

This session is like a full system reboot and is only recommended once annually. You should treat yourself as though you have just gone through major surgery as well as to expect post physical, emotional or mental purges for up to 3-4 weeks post session.  Clients have said that 4 months post session they are unrecognizable to themselves!

We work directly with Yeshua or the Christ-Sophia principle with this work & Freedom has been initiated and given permission slips directly from Yeshua to do this work which is through him as Yeshua is the only being who can give permission to alter blueprints and timelines.



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