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2020 Webinar Collection (The New Chakra System + Quantum Fieldwork Training)

The 2020 Webinar Collection

Welcome to the first step to your Ascended Earth Education. The 2020 webinar series includes 5 webinars: Winter, Spring, Summer, Lionsgate & Fall. These webinars act like building blocks and should be done in order. Because every person responds to field activations differently and some of these activations may cause emotional and/or physical purges we highly suggest that you do the activations anywhere from 1-4 weeks apart; however, you may watch the education portions altogether if you want to.

What can you expect from each webinar?

  1. Brief galactic history on Angels & Starseeds as well as the creation of the False-Time Matrix & the Spiritual War. 
  2. Information on the Ascension Pathways: Heiros-Gamos, Divine Unions, Soul Twins, Twin Flames/False Twins.
  3. Beginner Quantum Fieldwork & Gridwork education.
  4. The Entire Activation Includes: both Quantum Fieldwork & Gridwork to collapse out the old Chakra System, Activate the Updated Star System, remove the reversal tree of life & the Kundalini Curse, remove all Reiki Magic, update the Merkabah into a Sun-Diamond, Create a grounding platform, resurrect the Lady Liberty (Sovereignty Grid), Create a seal for the top of the field, activate the multi-dimensional shield for safe consciousness time-travel.