Quantum Integrative Session

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Freedom combines Multi-dimensional mapping with Quantum Fieldwork so you can bring light to your distortions and clear them in one session!

This is my most POPULAR session! I combine both the Mulit-dimensional mapping AND Quantum Fieldwork to give you an integrative experience in which you are heard, seen, felt and also clear on what is really happening in your life at the moment & how to proceed forward.

You will come to this session prepared with your list of topics such as timeline questions, concerns, distorted patterns, relationship or career issues or any other things that you would like to cover. (If you have a business that you would like to discuss in depth you may want to get the Multi-Dimensional Mapping session instead!) I will start by listening to you and supporting you to map out all of these concerns then once we've brought all of your awareness to the underlying issues we will then move into the fieldwork portion of your session to start clearing them.

We will discuss how these blindspots, distortions or attachments may be affecting the very things that matter to you most and what you can do to prioritize your self-transformation as well as small field adjustments to shift these templates & patterns. I will tune into your most probable timelines to give you advice and wisdom on how you can navigate through periods of transition, change, grief, confusion or uncertainty. Working through your field I will assist you in clearings and activations to harmonize your frequency on a quantum level. 


Once you purchase your session, you'll receive an email with my booking calendar. I close my books from time to time so make sure to lock-in your priority access to my calendar with your purchase. (90min, No refunds)