Money Alchemy Course Spring Semester 2021

Money Alchemy Course 

This Course is the foundation for The Ascension School curriculum. Although the primary focus is dedicated to financial abundance, this course goes way beyond the conversation of just your relationship to money. This is because there is a golden thread that connects our financial health with our Divine Union Template (called Heiros/Gamos) the father wound, as well as behaviors and patterns that create stagnant Qi (life force) that we are largely unaware of. Learn to create real wealth in every area of your life and business with this online multi-dimensional course. Learn the truth about money and how to shift yourself out of lack-consciousness using practical tools to access quantum abundance & flow state on command.

This is not a law of attraction or mindset course! I will not be charging you $5000 to learn how investing in large amounts of money will increase your income. I will be showing you a different lens to consider your money blocks through. A lens, so simple, it’s mostly overlooked by popular money coaches.

Money Alchemy uses logic and practical tools to uncover your hidden blocks around consistent, financial abundance AND overall flow state. We will confront mis-aligned energy and release and let go of Qi blocks in your personal field. If you show up and do the work, then you will  benefit from the tools that I’ve learned on my personal journey to attaining financial freedom, self empowerment, Divine Union w/ God-Self as well as business sustainability. My goal is that upon completing this course, you'll never look at money blocks the same way again! 


What can I expect during this course?

  1. Dates: March.3rd-May.12th
  2. 8 pre-recorded classrooms+1 Bonus Graduation w/ live Q+A w/ 4 quantum field activations.
  3. 3 Live stream Q&A check in's between classrooms.
  4. About every two classrooms will be followed by a one week break.
  5. Weekly cleaning & breakthrough assignments.
  6. Advanced Fieldwork & Gridwork training.
  7. Heiros/Gamos (Divine Unions) re-coding.
  8. Collapse out Co-dependency & scarcity programs & connecting grid network systems.
  9. Learn how to close out energy leaks in the physical and metaphysical realities.
  10. Strengthen connection to life, purpose & Source.
  11. Access flowstate key codes.
  12. Learn how to manifest whatever you want when you want it (It's not what you think or what you've been trained Manifestation is).

Are there any pre-requisites before taking the Money Alchemy Course?

No! If you are new to Freedom's work than you are welcome to start here. We have all levels of students from beginner, intermediated to advanced take this program. You are absolutely allowed to start here even if you have never had a private session with Freedom before. If you are an old client, welcome back!

What time is class?

Classes are posted Wednesday nights at 6pm CST. These are pre-recorded video's usually about 90min-150min long, in which you must watch within in 48hrs from when the lecture is posted. This is to ensure that you will keep up the pace with the course material as well as receive field activations at the same time as other students. 

Will I get the same benefits from pre-recorded videos?

Yes! These lectures and field activations, are done in such a way that even though the bulk of the lectures & activations are pre-recorded this container is very interactive and impactful. You will also have LIVE Q & A follow-ups with Freedom every 2 weeks on the private FB group page. 

Will Freedom give me any additional coaching?

Yes! Freedom and her Course Supervisor will be offering students ongoing support throughout Money Alchemy on the private FB group page. 

Is the FB group page mandatory? 

Yes, although we recognize many people do not like FB at this time, this is our best option to conduct student support, live interactions, and overall flow of each unit. (In the future we will be moving our private groups over to Freedom's private platform The School Yard.) If you are making a FB profile just for this group page it is helpful to us to see your first and last name as well as a real photo of you:)

Do I have to share my personal life?

Participation is highly encouraged; however, you will never be forced to share anything that you are not comfortable sharing. You are only asked to post your introduction of who you are and your art project to the FB group. Students who showed up fully did find they had more impactful breakthroughs but you are never forced to interact.

What type of homework is assigned?

Weekly breakthrough assignments such as deep cleaning, writing and organizing. There is also an easy and fun art project. These assignments will push you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Depending on your current lifestyle each student has a different experience of how long these assignments take them to complete. You will purge. You will cry. You will laugh. You will get mad at me BUT in the end you will thank me and you will love alllll of it!

What if I am currently taking another course that will overlap with this course?

It is possible to take this course while you are a student in another course; however, it is not recommended. It is best to carve out the time to fully be present in the Money Alchemy Course alone.

May I receive energy work outside of this Course?

No. Please do not engage in receiving reiki or quantum fieldwork or long distance healing during this course. The reason being is to ensure the safety of your personal field because we will be doing very specific activations and clearings for your ascension out of poverty consciousness. Over doing energy work can be dangerous to your health. On some occasions seeing two healers at once can clash and cancel out the energy work or people become addicted to healings and avoid feeling their purges. Please honor this agreement for this container. I understand that some of you will be giving energy healings and naturally will feel that work but no direct energy work.

How much does this course cost?

  • The cost of this course is $888 if you pay in full
  • If you opt for the payment plan the price is $900 with 3 monthly installments of $300. A $300 non-refundable security deposit is due upon registration in order to save your seat. Freedom Team will then send your second invoice on April.7th & your final invoice on May.5th. All invoices are sent via paypal no exceptions.
  • Space is limited to 50 seats, first come first serve.

** No special rates for couples. All deposits & payments are non-refundable. By registering for the Money Alchemy Course you agree to complete all payments on time. 

**If you have any questions or concerns please contact Freedom Team:

Please Be sure to set up your user account at checkout in order to reveal your classroom portal!!