Quantum Fieldwork

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This 50min session is for returning clients who would like Quantum Fieldwork for ongoing healing...

This session should be done only after you've been working with Freedom for awhile. This should not be booked as your first private session. Freedom is a certifed Quantum healer and fieldworker. She will access your light body Avatar as well as your field to do specific removals, clearings, re-codings, updates & activations. If you've never received fieldwork and you have a few specific issues you would like to clear or you are a re-occurring customer who wants ongoing fieldwork, in this session you will briefly share what it is you need and we get right to it! You can book this session as much as you want to, some people see me monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for this session. This session is also great for when you are under psychic attack! Great for individuals who are clear on what they want cleared from their system and come fully ready to receive.