2022 Spiritual Warfare Training Part. 1 & 2

Do you know how to perform deliverance (cast out demons) through the power of Jesus?

This is such an important part of your walk with Christ. We should all know how to deliver someone from evil. There is freedom where the spirit of the Lord is. There are two webinars included with this purchase.

The first video "Deliver Me From Evil" is a 4hr+ Deliverance Training Video with a live Gridwork take down, in which we cover the importance of your personal relationship with God, getting rid of occult objects so God can cover your House, the process of being saved at the multidimensional level such as making it past the Gate of Heaven into your purification process & receiving the Mind of Christ and becoming an authorized Kingdom Citizen in New Earth.

The second video "Spiritual Warfare & Demonology Training" includes a potent spiritual cleansing activation as well as learning the Scriptures that support us to know the history of This Fallen World and how to combat the Dark Kingdom.
Do not miss this opportunity to have almost 9hrs of content that every Christian, Healer, Energy worker MUST have in their back pocket at all times. This content is priceless.