2021 The Last Council Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar was inspired after Freedom had an encounter with The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ appeared to her in her living room and led her to do a series on Instagram Live called "The Keys". This is the completion to that conversation.

Watch this incredible conversation between Christian Prophetess Jackie Verdeana Elias & Ascension Guide Freedom Franklin, as they come together to make amends with both Christians & the Ascension community. These two powerful women cross reference Ascension Terminology with the Scriptures to bring our joint communities out of consciousness traps, religious indoctrination and confusion. There are no pre-requisites in order to view this webinar, just an open heart and an open mind.

If you have ever felt confused or vague about who the Prime Creator Source our God is or how God functions, then this webinar is for you! This team has embedded this conversation with codes that will be beneficial for The Collective during these turbulent "end times'. You do not want to miss out on this exceptional explanation that will tie The Keys together.

What can you expect from this webinar?

  1. Pick a date & time that you can comfortably relax and watch this 5 hr lecture. in it's completion. (It's okay if you need to divide this into 2 days).
  2. Have a notebook & pen 
  3. Bring your Bible if you have one :)
  4. Wear something comfortable, drink lot's of water and stretch or move if you need to while integrating these Holy messages.
  5. If you feel called to donate more money after you're done watching please check your User Account for instructions on how to paypal Freedom.