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Sit with The Seer: Prophetic Counsel + Fieldwork

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Most popular session is back!

 Prophetic Counsel+ Field-Lightwork session with micro adjustments to bring you into the fullness of your ordained timeline. This session is for those at a crossroads, feeling uncertainty, confusion, fear, grief, stuck, stagnant or unsure on how to breakthrough to the next level in your relationship, life purpose or overall sense of happiness & fulfilment. Come with your breakdowns and leave with your breakthroughs as you receive a prophetic word over your life.

  In this session you come prepared by opening up and sharing what are the current themes in your life are and the major areas you would like to improve upon. Hear what God has to say to you. Then the Prophet will access your Blueprint and read to you what is out of alignment and why; all while activating your biofield and clearing distortions from your actual Blueprint. We will be adjusting your biofield throughout the entire session and remove entities (entity removal for Christians only), remove A.I. implants & untangle timelines.

This is a great session for your first experience or for returning clients. This session is recommended every 3-4 months to support you in each season of your life.

Note: This is not a psychic reading, this is a special hour to spend with God and to hear what is needed. Predictions are not the same as prophesies. Future potentials can always shift, but Gods word will always stick. Please come into this session in the right heart posture, failure to approach the Prophetess with reverence or failure to prepare for your session could result in ending your session early.