You were Divinely guided to this work & I am so honored to be your Ascension Guide, let's get started! 

A quick peek into each session:
  1. Multi-dimensional mapping takes you through a journey of perspective shifting and deep clarity to align to your highest timeline & understand what may be happening in darker or confusing times. 
  2. Quantum Integration session is most popular for first time clients, it combines both the multi-dimensional mapping and the Quantum Fieldwork to give you a full experience of doing the work.
  3. Bio-field Recoding is my most famous session for full Matrix unplugging, Chakra system upgrade, & head to toe bio-field repairs to bring your Avatar fully online. (Winter+ Spring Webinars are pre-requisites for this session).
  4. QIC is not your grandmother's inner child work or old paradigm shadow work. If you need to clear a core wound or negative belief this is your session.
  5. Quantum Fieldwork has the power to eliminate negative attachments, promotes energetic homeostasis, raises your frequency and shifts your reality instantaneously.