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Freedom Franklin

If true Freedom & Divine Revelation are what you are seeking, than you have come to the right place.

Born in Honolulu Hawaii to her American Father Gene Franklin; Retired Veteran, United States Airforce MSGT; as well as her Thai Mother Joy; Hair Salon Owner & Stylist (who passed away Fall of 2021, may she R.I.P.) Freedom grew up all over California, she begin Leadership & Life Coach Training strait out of high-school. Later completed her Holistic Health Practicioner program at Healing Hands in San Diego Ca.

After being visited by God as a child and being placed on Mission when she was only 16 years old as well as having a supernatural experience in 2016, when she received the prophetic name Freedom, she has for the past 8 years successfully stepped into her Holy-Purpose & Function as a Seer,Teacher, Mentor + Business Consultant to "Multidimensional Christians" Mission Leaders, & Spiritual Entrepreneurs as well as holding Mission Leaders accountable for the integrity of their Spiritual Assignments across the Globe.

With 19+ years of experience in the Coaching Industry, 10 years of Spiritual Teaching & Public Speaking at various places including festivals, A segment on Lucid Vibe Radio called "Freedom Talks", 6 years running a private Massage Therapy Practice for Elite Clientele, 5 years as a Social Media Host of "Freedom Friday's FB Live", 4+ years of Private Sessions (booking out two months in advanced) & 4 years as a trained Master Field Technician.

In November of 2021 she opened The Transcendent School of Christ following a direct encounter with Jesus Christ in which she became a born again Christian. She has pulled hundreds if not thousands of people out of the New Age/ False Light. Freedom has been making huge waves on FB & Instagram in the Collective waters for pure Christian Multidimensionality.

People say that my work is comparable to psychedelic medicine journeys, in that they experience a Deep Holy Purification by Fire with a massive flesh death. My Genius is the ability to re-set your entire Biomorphegenetic Field, Teach, Activate and build out your Body of Christ Template through the Multidimensional Body within the 13 Dimensional Earth Realms and 7 Dimensional Heavenly Realms; as well as untangle stagnant timelines, remove Demons & Demonic Devices from your Field, retrieve Soul Fragments & update and activate your Templates & overall Organic Blueprint.

This work causes a MASSIVE SHIFT in your Mind, all of your field & Spirit. It requires a sacrificial seed of both time & financial investment. Your life will never be the same after our encounter with The Holy Spirit together. It is purely through God's Grace, that I am authorized & ordained to do these assignments.

XX, Freedom






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