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Freedom Franklin

Freedom came into this world with an anointing from God, (Seraphim Angelic & Dancing Prophet anointment) born in Hawaii to her American Father Gene Franklin; Retired Veteran, United States Airforce MSGT; as well as her Thai Mother Joy; Hair Salon Owner & Stylist (who recently passed last Fall, may she R.I.P.) Freedom moved all around California, she quickly became adaptable and discovered her growing talent in leadership skills, teamwork, Empathic & Intuitive nature and the increasing joy of Public Speaking, it was only natural that her she would be molded into a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor & Inspirational Speaker.. She begin Leadership & Life Coach Training fresh out of high-school.

With 19+ years of experience in the Coaching Industry, 10 years of Spiritual Teaching & Public Speaking at various places including festivals, A segment on Lucid Vibe Radio called "Freedom Talks", 6 years running a private Massage Therapy Practice for Elite Clientele, 5 years as a Social Media Host of "Freedom Friday's FB Live", 4+ years of Private Sessions (booking out two months in advanced) & 4 years as a trained Master Field Technician. In November of 2021 she opened The Ascension School of Christ after a direct encounter with The Holy Spirit last Summer in which she became a born again Christian and now embodies the Ascension pathway of accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior; in order to be established in The Real Body Of Christ she has pulled hundred if not thousands of people out of the New Age/ False Light. Freedom has been making huge waves on FB & Instagram Live in the Collective waters for authentic Christian Multidimensionality.

After being visited by God as a child and being placed on Mission when she was only 16 years old and having a supernatural experience in 2016 when she received the prophetic name change to Freedom, she has for the past 6 years successfully stepped into her Holy-Purpose & Function as a Teacher, Mentor & Consultant to Multidimensional Christians & Star Beings, Mission Leaders, Spiritual Entrepreneurs & High Profile Clientele as well as holding Mission Leaders accountable for the integrity of their Spiritual Assignments across the Globe.

Hi there...people say that my work is comparable to medicine journeys such as Ayahuasca Ceremonies in that they experience a Deep Holy Purification by Fire. My Genius is the ability to re-set your entire Biomorph-Genetic Field through reverse-engineering the "Inverted Chakra system and outdated Light Body), Teach, Activate and build out your Body of Christ Template through the Multidimensional Body within the 13 Dimensional Earth Realms and 7 Dimensional Heavenly Realms; called The Avatar of The Christos Novas, as well as untangle stagnant timelines, remove Demons & Demonic Devices from your Field, retrieve Soul Fragments & update and activate your Templates & overall Organic Blueprint.

This work causes a MASSIVE SHIFT in your Mind, all of your Bodies & Spirit. Your life will never be the same after our encounter with The Holy Spirit together. It is purely through God's Grace, that I am authorized & ordained to do these assignments. PRAISE JESUS, GOD IS SO GOOD!! If true Freedom & Divine Revelation are what you are seeking, than you have come to the right place.

Mahalo for your Grace,

Freedom (Revelation) Franklin





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