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Divine Heart Activation; Intro to the "New Chakra System

The Divine Union Heart Activation

Hello & welcome,

 I would love to share with you my back story as well as my epic journey to The Big Island in which God handed me a code for the very first step in rehabilitating The Divine Union template. In this video you will get to experience this welcome gift, the very first step into updating the light body through the "Inverted Chakra System" and experience moving out of the 7 chakras into the 3 heart system and if you continue this journey with me you will move into the 1 star system and activate what is called The Christos Avatar which simply means the House of God or the Body of Christ on a multidimensional level. Since 2017, I have single handedly introduced The Collective to the concept that the Chakra system as we know it is an inverted system curated by The False Light in order to program & enslave humanity through their light body. Once you begin this journey you will start to unplug from The Matrix and experience a deep awakening that few have been able to truly activate in others. This work is made possible through an anointing from our true Creator Christ.


Prophetess Freedom