You were Divinely guided to this work & I am so honored to be your Guide, please follow this roadmap! 

I am so happy you landed here, and I want to give you a clear ROADMAP, as to how you can begin to dive into this content:

1. Start with the FREE False Light Webinar trilogy (3rd installment coming soon so sign up for my Email list at the bottom of my website).

2. Head on over to view my FREE Heiros Gamos Heart Activation video (also at the bottom of my homepage) which will prep your field for the new Chakra System Installation. 

3. Invest in the 2020 Webinar Collection! This is the foundational work for The Ascension School curriculum, and will give you a deep cohesive understanding for ALL future content. 

4. Purchase 2021 Webinar Review (Ascension Terminology, Quantum Fieldwork Training & Gridwork Training).

5. Purchase The Last Council Webinar This is the only webinar that can be watched out of order & it is highly recommended that you watched "The Keys" on instagram Live for full context.

Note: You may binge watch the education portion of these webinars but please give yourself 1-4 weeks in between each activation to assimilate these light codes as a safety precaution as you never want to underestimate the powerful shifts that take place once you receive Quantum Healing.

Disclaimer: These activation's may cause Negative Ego deaths, accelerate your Timelines, bring about physical or emotional purges and discomfort similar to a detox and should not be done too close together. (Please use common sense and consult your Medical Doctor or Therapist if you have any concerns about your mental, emotional or physical well-being. Pregnant women should use full caution before doing these activations. Freedom Franklin is not a medical professional and all content is for personal discernment. Freedom & any and all of her content cannot be held liable for any symptoms or reactions you may experience.