You were divinely guided to this work and I am so honored to be your Ascension Guide. Let's get started! 

  Every quarter, I offer a live Seminar for our "seniors" who have already gotten a private session with me and have completed the 2020 Seminar Collection & demonstrated their capacity to assimilate to these powerful activation's.  These are usually 2 hour training courses with downloaded Galactic History, Quantum Healing Training & Group Fieldwork Activation's & Clearings as well as guiding the Collective through important Stargate Portals. Sounds fun, right?! Well it is! Join our dedicated students of Freedom Tribe and start working your way through this Seminar Training Collection. Give yourself 1-2 weeks in-between each webinar to integrate. These activation's may cause physical or emotional purges and should not be done too close togther.

Please complete these 2020 Seminars in order : The False Light Program, Winter Activation, Spring Activation, Summer Activation & The Lionsgate Portal.

xo, Freedom