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The Curriculum for The Ascension School of Christ

  Here is the order on how to watch my videos & activations. Please note these past field activations are powerful and may cause emotional, spiritual and even physical symptoms. If you binge watch these videos, please do the activation portions at least 1 week apart. If you feel too destabilized after one activation, then spread them further apart. You will notice that there still might be some threads of false light in my teaching prior to my full coming to Christ in February of 2022 so please use your discernment when watching my old videos. However, if you are sharing my work with someone who is freshly coming out of the False Light program then these videos are the perfect transition to a new believer of Jesus. 

All of THE CURRICULUM is included when you join The Campus Members Community subscription for $33/month on my "Home" page. For those who would like to dive into this work in private, you can work through this map at your own leisure. Enjoy your journey.

1. Divine Union Heart Activation

Meet Freedom and take the first steps into merging the 7 major chakras into a 3 star system. Available under "Courses" as your Welcome Gift.

2. The False Light Series 1-3

 Removing the False Light Program & activating the Sun-Diamond body; Available under "Courses" for a $25 donation.

3. The Masterclass Review

 Ascension terminology + Fieldwork/Gridwork Training. Available under "Courses" on sale now for $150, or included when you join The Campus Membership from the Home page.

4. The Keys Series (My direct encounter with Christ)

1. The Hard Reset

2. The Keys to Heaven

3. The Holy Spirit

4. Dear Family

5. The Final Choice.

Available on IGTV as well as The Campus Membership from the Home page.


5. Prophetic Healing Nights eps.1; The Foundation

Newcomers to TASOC can start here! Available on The Main Hub of the School

6. Sex Ed. 101

This is a powerful webinar to promote healthy, deep intimacy within your Divine Union. This webinar can be done at anytime! Available on The Campus only.

7. Multidimensional Ministries 2.0 "New & Different Miracles"

Enjoy the ride!

Prophetess Freedom