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The Curriculum for The Transcendent School of Christ

 The Ministry-School has a free ministry on the "Main Sanctuary" that everyone is able to access upon creating your user profile. The School curriculum is unlocked, once you join The Oasis Private Membership. This monthly membership fee, is on a sliding scale of $33-$88 /month. All curriculum below is included, once you join The Oasis.

Disclaimer: Please do not use ANY of these activations as daily field clearings. For daily field clearings, please purchase the "Summer Mixtape" mp3. Please note these past field activations are powerful and may cause emotional, spiritual and even physical symptoms. Please consult your medical doctor if you are on medication for mental illness, if you are pregnant or if you are depressed. These activations reconfigure your light body and based on the amount of false light or trauma in your biofield therefore symptoms may vary. Freedom Franklin is not liable for any side effects including injury or trauma related to watching or participating in any of her content. You are participating at your own risk. No refunds, exchanges or returns on any offerings made through third party payment platforms.

If you choose to binge watch these videos, I recommend waiting 1 week between each activation portion depending on how The Holy Spirit moves you and how your mental state and body respond. Some people purge immediately while others purge a few days later. You should relate to these activations as micro doses on medicine because they will affect your bio-morphogenetic field and your perception of reality as well as cause a purge that is comparable to psychoactive medicine journeys.

  2021-2022 Content Roadmap for The Transcendent School of Christ

  1. 2021 The Keys Series Part. 1,2,3,4 & 5; my direct encounter with Christ (FREE on Main Sanctuary under "courses" /YouTube)
  2. Orientation w/ fieldwash meditation (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  3. Sex, Bliss & Orgasms $333 value (FREE with the Oasis Membership)
  4. Prophetic Healing Nights eps.1 “The Foundation” (FREE on Main Sanctuary under "topics")
  5. Multidimensional Ministries 2.0 “New & Different Miracles Event” (FREE on Main Sanctuary under "courses")
  6. Multidimensional Ministries 2.0 Integration & Training webinar (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  7. Live Q & A on dreams, scriptures, the crucifixion ect… (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  8. Dream Interpretation, live callers, dream visions training (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  9. Prophetic Healing Nights eps. 2/ part.1 “Deliverance Training” (FREE on Main Sanctuary) and part.2 Spiritual Warfare/Demonology Webinar (FREE with the Oasis Membership) $400 Value
  10. Live Q & A (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  11. Summer Mixtape’22; House & Field Clearing (Value $120/Sale $99)
  12. The Ancient Ones (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  13. Field Report & Fieldwork Training (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  14. Understanding Tongues (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  15. The New-New Prophesies; The Return of The Crown (YouTube/ FREE on Main Sanctuary under "topics" /included in the Oasis Membership)
  16. Lada dis & Lada dat Group Clean up conversation (FREE with the Oasis Membership) 
  17. The Pride of The World (FREE on Main Sanctuary)
  18. Prophetic Healing Nights eps. 3 " Field Deliverance" and PHN 3 Follow Up appt. (FREE on Main Sanctuary)

 There are no refunds, no exceptions. All sales are final. Please see Refund Policy.