Multidimensional Ministries 4.0; The Broken Soul

OMNI x KOHOÉ Presents Multidimensional Ministries 4.0, a 4 day prophetic-shamanic immersion in the heart of the high desert in the sacred lands of Joshua Tree.

Prophet; a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.

Shaman; a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits.

Immersion; the act of dipping something in a substance, completely covering it. The act of becoming completely involved in something.

This event happens once a year, every March in which followers of The Christ and students who have come under Freedom’s guidance, are invited to take part in a life altering event. Students fly in from all over the world to participate in this ceremony style immersion filled with deliverance, prophecy and multidimensional healing. Although there will be an online option, this event is designed and caters to those who are attending in person. Due to the nature of sensitivity of sacred practices involved not all materials are guaranteed to be filmed and a replay is not promised at this time. This is completely dependent on how things play out during the live stream for at home viewers. 

This year we are going back to the roots of all healing. Our theme is “The Broken Soul.” The Shaman-Prophetess will be returning to the USA after 8 months of following Jesus through central and South America, from the sacred whales tale beach in Uvita to the Andes Mountains in the Sacred Valley of Peru; where she has gathered training, keys and new light codes to bring God’s people back to peace with themselves, their family’s, their divine unions, the earth and with God.

4 days, 8 sessions, a small intimate group that will receive one on one healing with the Prophet. We are bringing Shamanism based on clean principals and the salvation of Jesus back to Christianity pre-colonization of the Holy Scriptures. Please bring your Bible’s as we will go through scripture together.

In order to have lasting results, Freedom is sharing her most honored keys from Money Alchemy in a 60 day challenge called “The Winter Push; Forgiveness & Letting go.” This push challenge will be a pre requisite for registering for MM 4.0. 

Since we are going to be experiencing soul retrievals, the mind and spirit must be prepared for this huge change that is about to occur. The Winter Push is the lubrication needed to ensure that the soul fractures come back into the body with grace. This is the first time in 4 years that we are making a mandatory pre requisite. Join us while we embark on a journey through the wilderness of your past timelines, and dive to the deepest seas of your heart as we face hidden dilemmas and emotions stored in the body. This pre work is going to be crucial into having lasting results after MM.

If your soul is tired, weary, broken…if you’re struggling to live the life God has for you…if you cannot fully express who you are meant to be….if your life is out of balance or your bank account is dry…then this could be the journey home that you’ve been praying for. And Freedom could be the Ascension guide you never knew you needed.

Resistance will come in many forms to stop you from receiving the blessing that awaits you. Are you one of the called this March? If so, please do not let circumstances such as finances, schedules, time or fear stop you. If Freedom let circumstances stop her she would never have retrieved the collective keys from central and South America that we all need to be set free. Lord knows she was not set up to travel abroad for this many months. Instead align yourself to what God has spoken over you. Head on over to the community app and enroll in the 60 day push. Take back your soul, heal your heart and command your life to  blossom open in the right direction with the right support. Don’t let 2024 be another disappointing year.

This immersion is not for everyone. If it is for you, you’re going to have to fight for your spot. No one meets the King on the mountain that doesn’t have to put up a fight to get to his feet. Your blessing awaits you. How bad do you want your breakthrough?

Joshua Tree | March.13-16 | $555 (this is the cost of one single session, this price is a sacrifice sown on prophetic lands on Freedom’s alter to open the portal of discovery that will help you shift your life. This price is designed to support you to afford your travel accommodations.) To register you must join the community app and participate in the 60 day challenge. Your monthly donation on a sliding scale of $22-$88 is appreciated so we can afford to run this program for you all. 

Failure to complete the Winter Push will mean denied access to the event, no refunds, no exceptions. After you register you will be given a waiver that must be signed agreeing to the terms and conditions of this event such as full clearance to use any photos or videos for marketing purposes within reason across social media outlets. Failure to sign the liability waiver means you could be denied entry to the event without a refund. 

If you would like to ask more questions before you make this commitment, please contact Prophetess Freedom and team by emailing us at and we will be happy to assist you!