Winter Activation 2020

There’s a lot of Muckery going on, wanna know why? Those aren't your Chakras.

This is the first webinar in the series. These webinars act like building blocks that stack ontop of eachother. It is highly recommended that you watch them in order, one week apart.

Watch the course. Learn all about inversions & Ascension terminology. The Winter Activation Webinar includes information on:

  • What happened with the August 2017 Eclipse
  • Shifting Timelines & how they affect our reality
  • Inorganic vs. Organic fields
  • Distinguish: Heiros Gamos, Sacred Union & Twin Flame vs. False Twin ascension pathways
  • Blocks to the Divine Masculine Rising
  • Brief History of Intergalactic Wars
  • Starseed incarnations & Walk-ins information
  • Beginner fieldwork removals & "how-to" sessions on psychic surgery & a powerful upgrade on gridwork 

The course also includes a 30 min. Lightbody clearing and field activation, learn how to clear your own light body, upgrade inverted Chakra system, reversal tree of life removal, Union Template update.

Thank you for your trust & loyal support, it's been such a blessing and honor to do this work.

xo, Free


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