REM+BR: Real Emotional Mapping + Brain Rewiring

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REM+BR includes deprogramming counsel+ lightwork at the brain level, to shift patterns & belief systems that are keeping painful realities in place; that God has not ordained for your life. This session is not designed to look at a trigger that causes a reoccurring pattern in which case I recommend you purchase the QIC session with Honesty. Instead, this session looks at the belief systems, life style patterns, environment and conditions at the brain level holding a belief system in place that is docking with a reality that you cannot seem to shake off of you. This work causes deliverance at the mind & body levels at a pace that is safe and easy to process.

This work is gentle yet profound and can cause a big post purge and should not be underestimated! This session is perfect for anyone battling mental illness, physical ailments, depression, sickness or stagnation in their personal life. Please come prepared to share what behavioral and life style issues you are having that is causing limitations in your life.

Drop out what is untrue and step into the true light of Christ. Experience emotional brain repatterning in just one session so you can be who you truly are meant to be.

Note: Please come into this session in the right heart posture, failure to approach the Prophetess with reverence or failure to prepare for your session could result in ending your session early.