Blueprint Bio-Regenesis Session (requires previous sessions with me)

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  The Blueprint Restoration requires sewing a sacrificial seed. When you go to the alter of God we do not come empty-handed. We offer a sacrifice to our Father and he pours out an even greater blessing over us. This session requires a pre-requisite, you must be actively working with Freedom in order for this session to assimilate properly. Please complete a REM+BR session as well as at least 1 Prophetic Counsel session and of course worked through some of the webinars in which you've already received light activations before.

All human beings are encrypted with an Organic Blueprint designed by The Father. As we move along our life, there are times when inorganic creation affects us such as demonic influences, bloodline curses & witchcraft, family distorted programs or childhood trauma. Some of these are lessons and are approved by Jesus and some are just simply the Enemy and you need someone with the authority of Christ to remove these things from your actual Blueprint, so you can be moved to the highest timeline or your greatest destiny.

This activation will set you free. During this session Freedom will use a Master Key to break off all bondage & spiritual warfare over your life & bloodline. She has acquired a code that Jesus unlocked within Freedom that has the power to restore your Blueprint to it's original settings. This means your blueprint; which is the original word & Truth that God spoke over you, will come back to life and every single thing that is not truth will fall out. Your Timeline, your destiny, your purpose, your biofield at the multidimensional level will all immediately begin to realign itself to the Truth. At the end of the session the hand of God will enter and update your blueprint with even more grace and more activating oil. This is a sacred ceremony that will purify your life and require your deep obedience & faithfulness to what God has to speak over you. Harmonize your waters, sound harmonics and crystal architecture all while untangling your timelines and setting you in the right coordinates in Gods destiny for your life through resetting your organic God ordained Blueprint.

You receive a full 90 minute recorded session via Zoom audio as well as a 30 min follow up call 21 days later to assist you to fully assimilate all of the new codes & updates done to your field as well as feel the support and love of someone cheering you on as you make these changes.

Fieldwork is serious work and although it can feel subtle or blissful at first-make no mistake it will actually alter your life trajectory. You will have to confront timelines & identifications collapsing out. Change can be both uncomfortable and beautiful and I am here to hold you through the changes in your life that you deeply desire.