Blueprint Restoration

All human beings are encrypted with an Organic Blueprint designed by the Creator. As we move along our life there are times when inorganic creation affects us such as demonic influences, bloodline curses & witchcraft, family distorted programs or childhood trauma. Some of these are lessons and are approved by Source and some are just simply unnecessary and you need a Prophet aka a Seer with the authority of Christ to remove these things from your actual Blueprint so you can be moved to the highest timeline that the Good Lord has destined for you.

This session is for the person who is at a crossroads and unclear which direction to take, who needs to refine their purpose, who needs to restore or improve their relationships or marriage, who has done the foundational work of healing but is not experiencing a real & lasting shift in their life. 

In this session you open up and share what are the current themes in your life and all of the areas you would like to improve upon. Then I access your Blueprint codex and read to you what is out of alignment and why while activating your biofield and clearing distortions from your actual Blueprint. As we access your current experience of life and your Blueprint we begin to re-organize your field and remove entities (entity removal for Christians only), remove A.I. implants, false Codes of any kind, and harmonize your waters, sound harmonics and crystal architecture all while untangling your timelines and setting you in the right coordinates in Gods destiny for your life through resetting your organic God ordained Blueprint.

The Blueprint Restoration is a total restoration for your mind, spirit and overall experience of life. You get to have a full 90 minute recorded session via Zoom audio as well as a 40min follow up call 21 days later to assist you to fully assimilate all of the new codes & updates done to your field as well as feel the support and love of someone cheering you on as you make these changes. Fieldwork is serious work and although it can feel subtle or blissful make no mistake it is a life-changing in that it will actually alter change your life. Change can be both uncomfortable and beautiful and I am here to hold you through the changes in your life that you deeply desire.