new sessions available august 2024

Business Template Up-Date

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Come on a "date" with me & I'll show you the best that YOU have to offer!

I've been in the coaching industry since 2002 and I have seen it and tried it all. After multiple failures and a lot of headaches and the lack of social media at the time, I have learned how to serve my most authentic medicine in a saturated market, full time, for 3+ consecutive years making a six figure business with a large and loyal audience from nothing.

My love, if God called you, if you've got the anointing or the talent, if you've started your business but you're having inconsistent results, if you're working harder than what you're making, if you're ready to jump but you're unsure if you're going to soar, if you have a basic concept but you're missing that "Jen ne sais qua" then look no further, I can help you & it's one of my favorite sessions to give, to the Spiritual Entrepreneur that is looking to up level there game and birth their ideas into form right now.

On our VIP date I will show up already overlooking all of your current content, social media & offerings ready to give you real feedback to support you to breakthrough in your industry.

-Look over your current brand including website, social media, email list & strategy. Don't worry if you have not yet started these things because I am here to help you. There is no shame with where your starting point is-we all have to start somewhere! Show me what you've got & I'll show you how to elevate your soul's expression.

-I will download your Business Template from your High Spirit a couple days prior to our call. This is immediate access into looking at the future timeline that God has designed for your calling. From here we pull through your unique soul signature, brand colors, offerings and more, it's how I do it baby! Why stress over how to do something when we can visit the future and see how it's already been done?

-I will read your Business Template back to you and give you the map of how to brand yourself, name your sessions or packages, price your offerings, as well as a content roll out plan that is Spirit Led and keeps you in your authentic purpose & passion. We will devise a plan on how to work less hours while increasing your impact and your bank account. I can also support you with some of your copywrite. This is truly my genius and I am so excited to help you clarify your vision!

-We will work through your blocks around receiving and money so you can feel true to yourself and your amazing clients by not under or overcharging for your sessions.

-This session takes 2 hrs 15 min. You are granted a 30 min follow up call 14 days after this session to answer anymore of your questions and solidify your vision from our VIP date.

Are you the hidden gem that The Collective is waiting for? Are you the answer to someone else's prayer? Then we need you playing full out and I am here to assist you in being your brightest light in a world of total confusion, so that you can stand out by simply being in your full truth and God's ordained destiny for you right now.

Non-refundable deposit is $500

Remainder balance will be billed to you 21 days after your initial session.