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Fall Activation Webinar 2020

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The final step to activating the new Star system formally known as the Chakra system.

This is the final webinar in the 2020 series. There will be a 2020 series review webinar coming out soon. These webinars act like building blocks that stack on top of each other. Please do these activations in order at least 1-2 weeks apart.


The Fall Activation Webinar includes information on:

  • The false-time Matrix vs. the 3rd Dimension vs. The Ascended Earth 
  • The difference between a plane, timeline or dimension.
  • The fall out of the Matrix & the phantom Matrix explained 
  • How Arcturians do "shadow work" & how to shift your own field by correcting architecture by yourself!
  • What is architecture? How to architect your reality & navigate the fields.

This course also includes a 30 min. Lightbody clearing and field activation & gridwork. We will complete the star system installation, activate your unique soul-signature and re-inforce your full crystalline dna architecture. That is why it's important your body has had sufficient time to assimilate each activation from 2020 leading up to this point. Please don't rush these activations if you are newer to my work.

Thank you for your trust & loyal support, it's been such a blessing and honor to do this work.

xo, Free


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