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False Light Webinar Part. 1 & 2

Wondering how to understand or explain what the False Light Program is? 

The False Light Webinar 2 part series includes information on: 

  • What is the False Light Program?
  • Explaining how the False Light is Luciferian Doctrine
  • My personal journey of finding God & Yeshua
  • The Pleidian recruiters for your soul 
  • Defining templates, programs, distortions, shadow work vs. quantum healing
  • Mirror Mirror concept, is everything my mirror?
  • The problem with Non-Duality teachings 
  • The pitfalls with the Law Of Attraction 
  • Ascension & Politics a mass conspiracy on we the people
  • This webinar also includes a fieldwork activation to remove the False light program from your system & update your direct line to Source.  These activations should be done 1-2 weeks apart.
  • How to decipher False Light from Organic Ascension
  • The Origins of this world
  • To intervene or not intervene
  • Are all Gods the same God?
  • The New Age oCult & Political agenda
  • Shadow work vs. Quantum Fieldwork
  • Psychedelics, Medicines & Drugs


  • Note: This is a deeply triggering lecture. This webinar will activate new awareness & begin to dissolve Ego Pathologies, Inorganic programming & could lead to a massive identity death. Having a death to attachment to belief systems can be painful & uncomfortable. We will be covering topics such as religion, politics, sex trafficking & Cults. This information if being offered to those who have an open mind and open heart and a willingness to put all of their belief systems on the table for full re-evaluation. There will be a set of guidelines & agreements at the beginning of this Live video in order to promote full participation in the safest way possible, for the whole group. Please be aware that by signing up you will be fully responsible for your own emotional, mental & possibly physical discomfort & process. If you suffer from mental illness you may want to consult your medical doctor or therapist before you decide to do this webinar.


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