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False Light Webinar Series 2019-2021

Wondering how to understand or explain what the False Light Program is? 

These webinars were done throughout 2019-2021 as a way to slowly unplug people from The False Light Program. This was done in stages. Not all information is perfect or correctly done but it was delivered to the best of my ability at the time. It is important to know that I was not fully saved until after these videos were made and that I have fully accepted the crucifixion and salvation of Christ. My hope is that these videos will support you and our loved ones to be fully liberated by what was false and brought into the True Light of God.

  • What is the False Light Program?
  • Explaining how the False Light/ New Age Deception is Luciferian Doctrine
  • My personal journey of meeting Christ 
  • The Pleidian recruiters for your soul 
  • Defining templates, programs, distortions, shadow work vs. Quantum healing
  • Mirror Mirror concept, is everything my mirror?
  • The problem with Non-Duality teachings 
  • The pitfalls with the Law Of Attraction 
  • Ascension & Politics a mass conspiracy on we the people
  • How to decipher False Light from Organic Ascension
  • The Origins of this world
  • To intervene or not intervene
  • Are all Gods the same God?
  • Psychedelics, Medicines & Drugs

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