Lionsgate Abundance Activation 2020

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The Lionsgate Activation BONUS Webinar is my favorite webinar & includes information on:

  • Galactic History: What is the Lionsgate portal? The different Dimensions & difference in Starseeds explained
  • New wave of Lyran Walk-ins & Lyran Guardians
  • The Collective is ripe for Unity 
  • Activating Royal Codes for Unions & Abundance
  • Advanced fieldwork training on how to use your color codes, elements & crystaline energy for removals, cleansing and recoding yourself & others.
  • Activating the Emerald/Gold Star system & explaining how this new system now works (formally known as the chakra system).

The course also includes a 30 min. Fieldwork clearing & activation to clear trauma from the cells, activate the diamond heart template & resurrect the Lyran Abundance grid.