Lionsgate Activation 2020

The Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8): Alignment of the Earth, the Star Sirius & the Galactic Center

This is the 5th webinar in the 2020 series. These webinars act like building blocks that stack atop of each other. It is highly recommended that you watch them in order, at least 1-2 weeks apart.

 The Lionsgate Activation Webinar includes information on:

  • Galactic History: What is the Lionsgate portal? The different Dimensions & difference in Starseeds explained
  • New wave of Lyran Walk-ins & Lyran Guardians
  • The Collective is ripe for Unity 
  • Activating Royal Codes for Unions & Abundance
  • Advanced fieldwork training on how to use your color codes, elements & crystaline energy for removals, cleansing and recoding yourself & others.
  • Activating the Emerald/Gold Star system & explaining how this new system now works (formally known as the chakra system).

The course also includes a 30 min. Fieldwork clearing & activation to clear trauma from the cells, activate the diamond heart template & resurrect the Lyran Abundance grid.

Thank you for your trust & loyal support, it's been such a blessing and honor to do this work.

xo, Free