Multi-Dimensional Mapping

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Multi-dimensional mapping is how we bring light to our distortions so we can dissolve them.

  Sometimes all we need is a mirror to see ourselves and our situations with crystal clarity. Freedom uses her ability to scan your Bio-field and blueprint to give you a multi-dimensional perspective shift on how to align you to your highest timeline by mapping out & dissolving triggers or by showing you where you need to focus your inner work so that your field can assimilate to higher frequencies on it's own.
  This session is great for those who have a lot to say or a lot to work out, need to vent or verbally purge, who are dealing with cognitive dissonance or confusion and need crystal laser beam clarity & advice so they can move forward. This session is also great for anyone with a very specific issue in which former counseling has not helped improve or for those who need in depth business support and planning. 
We mirror, reflect & bring through instructions on how you can shift your reality. (75 min, if you want to go over time you will be charged extra, No refunds)