Multidimensional Ministries event open for registration Jan.16!!!

Multidimensional Ministries 3.0 EVENT

Follow the white rabbit as we take you on a journey to review the dismantling of Religions across the False Light Spectrum including The Satanic Occult, The New Age, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, The Ascension Community, The Gnostics, Catholicism + Christianity or “The Church”. Collapse out false code, inversions and come into full cohesive awareness + stabilization of The Living Light.


Discover a new side to God through extra ordinary revelations through an immersive experience in the Heart of Joshua Tree, CA for a 4-day event you will never forget! This is an introductory rate and this price is not guaranteed in the future. This includes 4 days, 2 sessions a day + meal breaks and community play. (We have 50 spaces for in-person attendees, there will be a lot of opportunity to ride share and air bnb share with students from The Transcendent School of Truth).

  1. Update your “Tongues” aka Language of The Light or “Light Language, to activate higher states of consciousness, liberty and relationship with the Godhead.
  2. The untold story of The Sea Witch re-enacted through playhouse
  3. The Fall + Return of Sophia a complete history
  4. The War of The Antichrist on the ground floor
  5. Experience Quantum inner child healing, Real Emotional Mapping & Brain Re-wiring, Structural Field Integration, Deliverance, and deep DNA re-coding through the POWER OF THE LIGHT which is Christ.
  6. Introduction to the Christos Avatar Template Build out for team

** If you are planning to attend in person please follow instructions on your registration email after purchase so we can have an accurate head count as in-person spaces are limited.** ALL TICKETS ARE NON_REFUNDABLE. See refund policy.

 Dates: Wednesday 03.15-Saturday03.18 (Sunday optional play time with community).

Investment: $555 introductory rate

Registration Opens: Monday Jan.16th