Night Cap mp3

This downloadable mp3 is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who needs support with mental attack or building healthy self-esteem. It was not until late adulthood in which I made the correlation with mental attack and low self worth with demonic activity. A lot of people have said that making these declarations over themselves when needed has greatly shifted the atmosphere, brought them back to the truth and even noticed that using this mp3 nightly was the tool they never knew they needed! When you purchase this mp3 you will receive a downloadable link so you can play these any time of the day as well as a script to follow along so you can make these declarations over your self! This is a great tool for anyone who is shy or unsure of where to start with cancelling spiritual warfare off of your mind. I like to use these declarations before bed to clear my mental space and prepare to dream and have visions in the night.

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