Spring Activation 2020

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We are in the middle of a timeline war. The great news is that there is a lot you can do to push the Collective into the highest timeline possible! 

This is the second webinar in the 2020 series. These webinars act like building blocks that stack on top of each other. It is highly recommended that you watch them in order, 1-2 weeks apart.

The Spring Activation Webinar includes information on: 
  • Timeline wars & the importance of building out your Christed DNA & organic blueprint
  • Expand on conversation for Walk-ins 
  • Starseeds: the good and the bad 
  • Beginner education on building out an Akashic Record
  • Education on the organic chakra system called the Three Star System
  • Discuss inverted symbolism & AI interface systems
  • False-time Matrix spell & how it works vs. The New Earth Organic Architecture

The course also includes a field activation to activate the Lotus Template & Lotus House Grid (new architecture to replace the merkabah), Repairing the biological heart, Bringing you through a Diamond Stargate, Recoding Cellular trauma & receiving next steps on your personal Mission. 

Thank you for your trust & loyal support, it's been such a blessing and honor to do this work.

xo, Free

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