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Organic Light Codes 2022

You are cordially invited to experience a 3 hour, deeply intimate training & activation seminar with Freedom, to kick off the first semester of the Transcendent School for 2022. This Seminar was made with keeping future viewers in mind and will occur as timeless information.  A discount is available for this course when you join The Oasis private membership otherwise please enjoy this education at your private leisure.

We wove together the Organic Light Codes with Christ as our foundation for building out our multidimensional bodies & understanding how to access our own Biofields for proper Bio-regenesis through this planetary ascension. 

  • Encryption, Code & False Coding 
  • The 10base vs. 12 base Tree of Life & the 7th dimension 
  • Noah’s bloodline repair before The First Coming 
  • The One Star system from Christos Avatar update to The Christos Novas 
  • The Real Divine Feminine essence
  • Absolute Fields vs. Quantum Fields 
  • Religion & False Light Inversion grid 
  • Christ created the Starseeds 
  • The Death Star Implant
  • Mission/Business Template Update 
  • New Harmonic Peace Grid 
  • Dissolving of the Soul, becoming Living Spirit
  • An in depth Field Report for Early 2022 & what's to come

*No Refunds*