Christos Avatar Training Episode 1


MOVED TO FRIDAY 12.22.23 | 4:00pm pst | 3 hours w/ an activation 

Maybe you've heard of these topics, maybe in the past you even got some similar activations from me. What's new is that I have been reformed since receiving Jesus and my activations are now clean and distilled. It's not about being activated just to be activated, it's about stabilizing our work in order to serve God and the collective at large. Let's not just talk about change, let's be about it. I am taking you guys back to the FOUNDATION of ascension + Union with God.

1. Understand the full map that Christ Jesus has left for us to follow in order to become an activated Christ Avatar

2. The Christos Avatar, The Solar Christ, The Diamond Christ-Sophia 

3. Planetary Freedom & Ascension through the dimensions

4. 5th Dimension protocols; Lo-5, Mid-5, High-5; how to locate which realm you exist in, the purpose of said realm and instructions on how to ascend through each realm successfully.

5. The difference between a physical dimension & a level of consciousness 

6.  Attaining the mind of Christ through salvation + relationship 

7. Begin to manifest your desires for the new season