QIC Session

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*All QIC sessions are now being re-directed to Honesty*

Please watch video for details:

Break your pattern & re-write your story in this incredible transformative experience.

Quantum Inner Child-Healing sessions are ideal for anyone that has a specific trigger, trauma, negative belief pattern or story that keeps on re-looping. These 75 minute sessions use a 15 step modality was downloaded to Freedom over the span of three years. If you have a recurring negative belief system, are stuck in a story or pattern, are suffering from unhealed trauma, or are lacking coping skills or tools to shift your state of being during a trigger, then this session is for you. People have said that after just one QIC session they experienced drastic, if not complete, relief from trauma-related symptoms and phobias. Whether you currently experience anxiety, despair, fear, confusion and an overall feeling of being un-whole, this session will leave you feeling complete and hopeful for the future.  (75min. $275)


 You can now book this session directly with Honesty @www.HonestyEmbodied.com