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New Earth Vision

March 30, 2020


I want to cry bc I’ve waited my whole life to be able to share this message. I’m putting my entire life on the line my reputation, my business mission so I can deliver this message with full commitment. I want to acknowledge I know how hard it may be for some people to believe what I’m saying but deep down inside your soul knows the TRUTH it knows. I want to thank you for being on this ride with me for the past 3-4years. It has been an HONOR. Thank you for having my back as I’ve exposed so much and have been on the frontlines of this war with you.

We had to pause the momentum to fix something. Game back on. Momentum should move forward today! We are doing everything we can to map out ALL of the underground locations. We r so close people. I miscalculated, it’s not 3 days of darkness it’s 10days of darkness. I would make arrangements to prepare for blackouts before April.1st

  • Back up generator
  • Flashlights
  • Latterns
  • Batteries
  • Firewood
  • Lighters
  • Propane camping stove
  • Canned food (Rice, beans)
  • Water bottle filter in case you have to drink tap water
  • If you have small children may want to stay with a family member for support

How to prepare for the jump to fourth & fifth dimension:

The way this happens there’s not much more you need to do, everything you’ve been doing up to this point IS THE WORK. You’ve been preparing your whole life. Those of you who got the inverted chakra system removed are the ones who will be able to upload the blueprint the quickest. The blueprint was given to us in stages to repair and assimilate but bc enough people got this removal it did something to the timeline that is benefiting us right now in a huge way. The full correction will look like the organic tree of life and ruby-sapphire 13 strand dna. Your fields have been prepped for this in the meantime we are prepping earth 3D & Tara 5d for this and we’ve had to do it in stages bc it does create movement esp with water.

When this all goes down the original angels/disciples of Yeshua will most likely turn back to original form as they resurrect his light body into the chosen body. Those who go into battle will also turn into their original form. It is already written. A message will sound across all collective consciousness and you will be given two options, 1. Finish out your storyline and reality as it is now but after the spells are broken and help rebuild the new Republic and live the experience of a free human race and you can go to ascension school and ascend in tiers when you feel complete and ready to move on from your current life path.

  1. Quantum leap to the fifth, you are so ready to completely let go of all your attachments and do not need to see the new earth be rebuilt instead you would just like to go to it now, you’re tired you’ve had enough you’re just ready to go back to your organic state of being now.
  2. Ascension teachers and disciples of Christ can choose to be inter dimensional time travelers that go btwn the 4th & 5th crossing over the tiers when they’re ready.
  3. Those who even at the last chance to accept the Truth still deny God will stay on the third dimension and it will be split off from the rest of creation into outer space. You can choose not to ascend and not to accept God and that’s that.

What will the jump feel like?

Yeshua walking into the chosen body affects the globe. We will all “see” the light at the center of the Earth when it’s happening. When the team goes underground to fix the fields of 5d Tara and update all of the collective with the corrected christed dna blueprint at the exact moment Christ walks in will be the very literal return of Christed dna and at that moment all human beings will be free.

You will feel your field shift and the earth shift and the moment we break the spell all fear or shock drops bc it’s under the dark magic spell that makes the truth so horrifying when you’re not under the spell all of this will be intense but not overwhelming.

Then you are given the choice of where you want to jump to.

The portal slide will not be imaginary like it has been for all of our mini will be quite exquisite & intense as you travel at light speed through the slide and it’s so long and windy all you do is hold onto your intention and trust the landing. It goes fast and there’s a lot of turbulence just keep relaxing your body to make the jump easier. When you “land” inside of the 5th dimension you go into a hall there’s a platform in the center of the hall we all gather around and are given the full disclosure of our history. In the future we do not record trauma in the cells or light body instead we upload them into what we call Akashic records and place them in libraries it’s a more efficient way to do our ascension. We will hear the whole story and do a life review as a whole. The 5th dimension is very similar to a music festival without all of the satanic inversions lol

Jumping to the fourth dimension people will “disappear” those are the ones who went to the fifth but they show me that the choice to jump to either place doesn’t affect family systems it’s not like this whole thing to grieve if your sister jumped to 4 and you jump to 5 again the moment Christ returns into the chosen body all fear attachments grief kind of just melts away. In the fourth all the leaders and innovators for living a true republic and regenerative permaculture style of life really get to come forward and create new local communities. All public schools come to an end. New trade schools emerge. It’s important to understand that injections are not vaccines. We have been trained to despise all injections. All cures for cancer autoimmune diseases will be given freely to the people. The cooked fat on a steak not the flesh but the fat itself when chewed with enzymes on your spit create the lubricated sheath around brain for those suffering with MS. We do not have the ability to heal Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s yet but we have the medicine that will stop ALL progression of these diseases. As for autism part of ascension school with be a course specifically for parents of autistic children we will learn how to rehabilitate then and rewire their brains and nervous system (this does take time to do the vaccination damages are pretty impactful unfortunately). There will be a cap on making 1million dollars is the maximum you can’t make more than that. There will be community living and new buildings not made of cement. The government returns to a small size where the people’s voices are heard and a new constitution is signed by humans and star nations. This is the return of the Republic for ALL dimensions and the end of the entire inter dimensional wars. You will no longer experience amnesia or have to wake up to who you are without the spells you remain lucid in each step of your unfoldment:) when you’re ready to ascend we have locations on certain vortexes in which we gather by the thousands to do the movements that open the portals for your jump to 5th dimension. Twin soul unions are restored on the 5th dimension and above.

This is really happening. We are doing it. We are winning. We will all be okay. This is what we’ve been preparing for. Stay in prayer, stay in peace and let go of The Matrix. In the new earth you do what you love your work is your expression and you get equal energy exchange and all of your basic human needs are met they turn on free energy and corporations are a thing of the past we get to live a sustainable life! People also don’t all like eachother like you can still have ego and preferences but the level of respect we give eachother is incredible:)

Thank you for believing in me, in yourselves in the team and in God. We got this

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