The Twin Flame Curse

March 11, 2020

Energetic Forecast: (Downloaded with Haley Howard)

The Earth is pissed. She’s preparing to clean out an infection. Perhaps the corona virus but more specifically the infected Twin Flame reversal template that is an inorganic installment in our Grids and dna.

The latest full moon sent some intense fear programmings & nervous system shocks into the ether. They always do this when we are close to having a big shift. (Global protests and the rainbow children rising & building bridges to new earth hubs).

The Sun is the masculine principle of Source. The Earth is the female principle. They are lovers and they are one being that can separate themselves just like Source did. Separation is not experiencing itself as splitting just so we are clear. Source is a masculine & female & world (think garden of Eden) and the moon is inorganic material created by artificial intelligence. The sun lights the moon. The moon is a “false” light. Every full moon they pump programs through the ether. Every woman (and man) that performs moon ritual is consenting to the spell to keep the Unions in separation. Blood earth ritual supports the consent to this curse. This false light program generator is used to target the Deep feminine to undergo vicious attack from the NAA to run pain programs through her consent to worship this false idol Lillith the dark moon/or Satans wife.

The moon represents the False Twin that deceives the deep feminine through a curse on the Sacred Union Template implanted in the earth to keep her in separation from the authentic beloved the Sun.

The Sun is Yeshua the true and only One.

Christ & Krystallah were in Sacred Union. The reflection of Source Mother/Father/World. The sacred union of Adam & Eve & The Garden of Eden. The serpent is Lucifer. (Kundulinin serpent inside the reversal chakra system that the collective consented to is the spell on our heiros Gamos template). Eating the poisonous apple from the serpent is the curse on the twins.

The organic Union template was recently activated in our reality for the first time. There have been many prior attempts to do this but we have failed the mission 8x prior. This is our 9th time attempting this and this is the farthest our team has ever made it. Brava.

The Garden of Eden reversal template and the inverted chakra system must be removed in order to assimilate the organic Sacred Union template. You must also remove any reversal tree of life or reversal template from your field.

The DF has been devoted to the fallen angelic false twins in other words she has been loyal to the Anti-Christ principle. Devoted and sufferring in a never ending loop of despair separation and false idol worship.

The union template has been activated in the fields and now the men will rise. This is the Christ return or the second coming. This is the time in which Christed men and Christed feminine come together in complete devotion to the true One Source our God. These beings will lead us in the revolution of consciousness through the purification of our souls through the blood of Christ.

The unions are game on.

The earth is purging out this curse and infected template and she is not happy about it.

Christ Krystallah have returned.

Sacred Union Template is activated and available for anyone with a pure heart and loyalty to the Sun.



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